Festival Director and Founder Lisa Brown
Festival Manager Scott Miller Berry
Festival Program Director Geoff Pevere
Guest Relations, Volunteer and Community Partners Coordinator Danica Brown
Admin and Outreach Assistant Jennifer Li
Festival Arts and Events Coordinator Chris Mitchell
Programming Inten Kayla Wemp
Technical Director and Projectionist David Sweeney
Financial Services Lascelle Wingate Management Services
Marketing Scott Miller Berry
Publicist Planet 3 Communications
Webmasters Alan Tang, Gust Creative
Festival Design Gust Creative
Festival Advisory Committee Scott Ferguson, Deirdre Logue
Festival Program Advisors Scott Miller Berry, Geoff Pevere, George Hardy, Kayla Wemp

* Founded in 1993 with Kathleen Fagan
To contact our staff, please refer to our directory. For all other general inquiries, please email info@rendezvouswithmadness.com.